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Essential (single 2020)

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"Chris Godber is more than a jazz saxophonist. He also works in the medical field so he knows firsthand how much the COVID virus has impacted our lives. Chris pays homage to his fellow medical heroes in the form of “Essential”, a robust groove begging to be released on wide and open roads."  - JazzMoodsRadio

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    In the last few years Billboard charting saxophonist, Chris Godber (God – brrr) has become a highly sought after performer in both the Smooth Jazz & Gospel Jazz realms. He’s been playing some of the nation’s largest jazz festivals and constantly selling out his own shows at various jazz clubs throughout the country thanks to his addictive melodies and inspiring performances. Though he had several projects out prior, it was his 2015 album "Starting Over" that launched him into the Smooth Jazz spotlight with the chart topping hits Rain and Chill.  


    However, Godber isn’t just another sax player. When he performs his goal is not just to entertain, but to inspire. He does both well because he’s lived it. Despite being told by doctors he wouldn’t be able to play the saxophone due to of the severity of his asthma, he took to it anyway. Picking up the sax in middle school band at age 12, he was first drawn to the sound of the saxophone while living in Germany. His family was military and while being stationed overseas the majority of their entertainment came from music as they picked up only one channel on their television. As Godber recalls, “I was a product of the 80’s and Kenny G was getting pretty popular around that time. My parents were Big Kenny G fans!” No doubt it may have sparked his appreciation for the saxophone, but he definitely has a sound all his own with a healthy dose of R&B and Gospel roots showing through. For over 20 years, Godber has been leaving others breathless with his soulful saxophone playing and inspiring testimony.

    Following the success of his 2015 Starting Over project, Godber kept things moving in the right direction with the release of his 5th album, MOMENTUM. The project features special guests, Bob Baldwin and Adam Hawley for a fresh and soulful, up-tempo project sure to offer something for every smooth jazz fan! 


    Most recently though, Godber brings us a new single for the second half of 2020 called, Essential.  No doubt a nod to the COVID-19 Pandemic, where Godber happens to be one of those "Essential" Front line healthcare workers; he's a Registered Respiratory Therapist when not playing the sax.  The fresh new tune is flat out addictive positive energy reflecting that music and the arts certainly are Essential.


    It’s clear that Godber loves what he does. On stage, his performance is invigorating and inspiring. “The live shows are so much fun” Chris says. “What I like most about playing live though is the audience. Music is such a powerful force that brings people together and I think we need more of that. Despite doctor telling me I couldn't do it, God gave me the ability to play even with my asthma, so all Glory goes to Him. I tell my story everywhere that I play because I want it to resonate with people just as much as my music. You never know who’s out there listening and who needs to hear something inspiring; that message of God’s grace, hope and healing. That’s why I do what I do.”

    Chris Godber is a versatile saxophonist and his music bridges genres; appealing to a broad audience. As a result he has shared the stage and or opened up for a wide range of notable artists such as Mindi Abair, Marcus Anderson, Jackiem Joyner, Average White Band, Tower of Power, Dr. John, Snarky Puppy, Sara Evans, T. Graham Brown and even the live tour of Dancing with the Stars.

"Godber’s grasp on what works is real and effective. You can’t go wrong with artists
                          sporting this kind of vision. Two thumbs up!"

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