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 In the last few years Billboard charting saxophonist, Chris Godber

(pronounced God – brrr) has become a highly sought after performer on both Contemporary & Gospel Jazz stages. He is a living testimony to the incredible power of faith and the unwavering belief in the potential within oneself. Faced with the discouraging thought that his asthma would prevent him from playing the saxophone, Chris turned to his faith as a source of strength and determination. With his unwavering trust in God's plan, he embarked on a remarkable journey that would not only prove his skeptics wrong, but also inspire countless others along the way.

While he specializes in enchanting corporate / private event audiences, he's equally at home performing on the stages of the country's largest jazz festivals while selling out his own shows at intimate jazz clubs thanks to his addictive melodies and inspiring performances. Though he had several projects out prior, it was his 2015 album "Starting Over" that launched him into the Smooth Jazz spotlight with the chart topping hits Rain and Chill. 

Chris's soulful tone and addictive melodies resonate far and wide, enriching the airwaves of SIRIUS XM's Watercolors in addition to all of your favorite digital platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and iHeart Radio. His music's accessibility ensures that audiences worldwide can connect with his soul-stirring tunes, experiencing the magic of his saxophone wherever they are.


Beyond the stage and the studio, Chris dedicates a portion of his time to making a profound impact in the lives of others. As a part-time Respiratory Therapist, he brings his firsthand understanding of breathing conditions, coupled with his compassionate nature, to provide relief and support to those facing similar challenges. Chris's commitment to helping others transcends the boundaries of music and resonates deeply with his desire to make a difference in the world.


Chris's musical journey has intertwined with some of the industry's luminaries, offering a glimpse into his exceptional talent and versatility. He's graced the stage as an opener for iconic artists like the late Dr. John and country sensation Sara Evans. Moreover, he's shared harmonious moments with renowned figures such as Mindi Abair, T. Graham Brown, and the cast of Dancing with the Stars during their live tours.


His latest masterpiece [coming Nov 3rd] the Gospel Jazz EP titled, "Meant to Be," stands as a true testament to Chris's faith and musical journey. Chris says, “Music is such a powerful force that brings people together and I think we need more of that. Despite doctors telling me I couldn't do it, God gave me the ability to play even with my asthma, so all Glory goes to Him. I tell my story everywhere that I play because I want it to resonate with people just as much as my music. You never know who’s out there listening and who needs to hear something inspiring; that message of God’s grace, hope and healing. That’s why I do what I do.”


Many musicians grow up playing in the church, but listening to this EP it is evident that Chris never stopped. The project’s soulful blend of gospel and contemporary jazz stylings is paired with the theme of Romans 8:28 [“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who[a] have been called according to His purpose.”]  Without a doubt, this journey has brought Chris to where he is meant to be.

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